About Us

Welcome to All Dressed Up Couture. We provide high quality Tutu Dresses, Tutus, Flower Girl Dress, Pageant Dress, Halloween Costumes, and Photographers Props. Our turn around time is 2 weeks for Hats/Headpieces and Crayons. FOUR weeks for Tutu dress sets.  We ca offer you a RUSH option if needed.

My name is Denise. My parents took me to a dance class at a local American Legion Hall when I was 7 years old. I fell in love. I fell in love with dance, music, costumes and being able to express myself without saying a word.
I owned my own dance studio (my husband built it for me) in that same town 17 years later and taught dance for well over 25 years. 

I live in Maine with my husband, my college son, and my daughter, son-in-law and my little grandson Eli. Oh we don't all live under the same roof, but we are all in the same town most of the time! I work at a local small independent bookstore part time and I create full time!
I get to create for princesses and princes and I feel blessed. Who doesn't like to feel like a princess or a prince? Even as adults we do! I believe I am creating items that will nurture children's ability to make-believe and play pretend. In a world filled with computers, cell phones, tv and such this feels like a very good thing.
Every item I create is made with JOY . I hope they bring you joy also.
Thank you for visiting my shop. Sit down, relax and imagine yourself the princess or prince!