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The Magic is Almost Here!

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The Magic is Almost Here!

I am so excited.  March has been an amazing month and I am kicking off April with a new website AND a NEW collection.  The Fairy Time Collection will be available for sale on April 2nd.  IF you have signed up for my email newsletter you will receive a limited time coupon code for a VIP discount off from the Collection pieces.

What goes in to creating a collection?  FIRST I had to decide what theme I wanted to use.  Fairies are so much fun and I always want my creations to challenge the creative minds of the wearers.  Fairies kept coming back to mind every time I thought of a new collection, so Fairy Time was conceived!  

Secondly, I needed to come up with a color scheme.  At first I was going to go with really bright colors Pinks, lime, turquoise ,etc.  But then, after talking to my photographer  I decided I wanted to go with deeper tones.  Ones that would bring the forest and fields to mind.  So, wine, rose, purple, gold, sunflower yellow, brown,deep fall colors of green, red, orange and turquoise and black all started taking shape.

NEXT, I took a trip to my local craft stores, searching for flowers and embellishments that I thought would work with the designs I now had in mind.  I didn't use everything I purchased, but I made sure I had purchased enough to get my creative flow going.

And then... it was time to create.  I started with the smallest outfit first and moved to the largest.  I knew I wanted FIVE complete outfits in my collection.  I knew the collection would consist of a headpiece, a tutu dress, and wings.  My photographer had lined up five girls and was ready to go as soon as I completed the collection and sent them off to her.  Thankful for the patience and vision of my photographer!  Find her: 


I bet you think all of this took a couple of weeks to pull together?  NOPE, it has been over a year in the making. Through several eye surgeries and life events.  And now, FINALLY it is here!  April 2, 2017 you get to see the entire collection and IF you sign up for our newsletter you will receive a special VIP coupon code to use also!